BBA-Bachelor Of Business Administration

Why BBA?

The Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) is a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration. The three years full time degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of a company and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. BBA programs expose students to a variety of “core subjects” and allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. The degree also develops the student’s practical, managerial and communication skills, and business decision-making capability. Many programs incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry.


Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad, university courses campus is a 26 years old institution of   IMS Ghaziabad group of institutions (NAAC Accredited) and ranked 3rd in Northen India/Delhi NCR among private institution as per Times B-School survey, June 2016. IMS Ghaziabad has also been ranked as 1st UP and 16th in India by MBA Universe Ranking 2013.

BBA at IMS is a three years full time professional degree course affiliated to ChaudharyCharan Singh University, Meerut with an intake of 360 seats. It’s a totally different from the course offered by other institution. BBA at IMS helps an individual to gain essential knowledge about the corporate world and also the fundamentals of business administration. IMS main focus is on acquiring employability skills by choosing specializations offered to candidates from semester 3 onwards along with the university curriculum. This program is through the quality education by focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and benchmarked management techniques to empower the students. The institute aim at developing an environment of experimental learning rather than packing the students within the packets of theoretical learning. IMS develops the learning through exposure to a range of real world practical problem solving techniques and utilising various opportunities to apply learned skills in diversified business situations.

European Pedagogy Adapted Model

The BBA programme at IMS Ghaziabad, UC Campus follows European pedagogy Adapted Model, which is internationally benchmarked teaching system. The model is well adapted through qualified faculties consisting of various experiential aspects such as flip classes, ERP driven modules, emphasis on research, case based practical learning and strong corporate interface such as industry visit, guest lectures and as well as live projects in various companies as per the interest area of the student.

Internship of 4-6 weeks (summer and winter) is one of the mandatory part of the three years programme to give practical exposure and experience of the corporate world to the students. Project report evaluation based on internships, rigorous evaluation and feedback procedure, peer enrichment series and various value added courses also helps to form an integral part of the curriculum.



  • To provide conceptual and in-depth knowledge of various subjects and business education to the budding managers of the economy.
  • To improve employability skills within the students.
  • To build up the self-confidence and competency among the students to behold the self- employable business ventures and start-ups.
  • To build the confidence among the students fortheir on-going family business by using new techniques to overcome the modern corporate demand.
  • To give an adequate experience and exposure of operational environment in the field of managements.


Specializations offered to students

In order to develop the interest of the students institute offers various specialization courses about which students can one specialization out of four available to them.

Retail and marketing

Students seeking to develop career in retail and marketing are been offered the specialization in this field. It focuses on imposing knowledge and skills for performing in the domains of sales , marketing, promotions and product development.

Banking and finance

This specialization is meant for students those are interested in building their career in finance sector and seeking jobs in various financial institution. The particular module helps the student to develop core financial skills.

Data sciences in management

The changing business scenario requires deducting edge professionals to manage the big data. It offers students to learn most of the modern techniques of data science contributes to analyse the functioning of the organisation.

Family owned business and entrepreneurship

This is specially for the students coming from business family background, who want to be the second generation entrepreneur of the particular venture. The module aim at developing the perspective for expanding and handling family businesses and to build confidence towards the intake of fresh venture in the future.


BBA Faculty

The devoted team of well qualified faculty mentors and delivers the lecture, having a good academics and corporate experience as well. The faculty is time to time trained on latest innovative pedagogies for develop differential learning for classrooms. A core faculty team is top filled with guest speakers and various visiting faculty.


Corporate connect and placements

After completion of three years BBA, students are well trained for any kind of managerial tasks. They have series of option available for acquiring managerial position in the organisation within or abroad India to build their career in various sector.

Students have done the live projects in various nationalised and multi-natioalised companies like big-bazar, neilsen, nestle, etc. the performance of the students has been awarded and they earned pre-placement offers.

BBA programme is complete in itself and chance students to work in corporate. Students have been placed at attractive package of 3.4-3.8 p.a. in leading companies like Tech Mahindra, Just dial, etc.

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Students driven clubs

Tactiles learning is a philosophy of IMS. There are more than 20 clubs managed by students council includes meetings, monthly agenda and an event calender which help them learn the things by doing themselves.

Distinguished alumni

BBA is the prime course of IMS Ghaziabad since 23 years. The IMS has the base of almost 30000 alumni. The large alumni base is working with the leading organisations. Some of them are now practisioners, experts and as well various senior positions of management.

 BBA is the flagship course of the IMS, facilitate students through various means to expose them out into the corporate world. IMS also motivate students by giving scholarships and awards in various categories. Altogether IMS is a single platform for exploring multiple talents in their respective field under the eminent guides.








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