Industrial Visit @Coca Cola

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder to success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall”
With the similar intend to help the students to choose right ladder leaning against the right wall by developing leadership skills which will help them to expose themselves to the practical world of knowledge and experience directly reflects an important pillar of the economy, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized an industry visit to one of the kind and famous as ‘Happiness Factory’ Coca-Cola plant, Greater Noida on 9th May, 2017.
The visit was planned by the CRC (Corporate Resource Cell) department of IMSUC which definitely brings in multiple opportunities to help the student to seek into the corporate world for good career growth. To acknowledge students about the production and packaging process is reason behind made us to reach the brand Coca-Cola company.

Coca-Cola, Taste Of Happiness began its history in 1886 when the curiosity of an Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton led him to create a distinguish tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountain. The drink was firstly invented in the Jacob’s pharmacy at Georgia, Atlanta. It is the very first museum along with the production unit of Coca-Cola company in the whole world and ‘Happiness Factory’ Coca-Cola company, Greater Noida is second after Atlanta. It is figured in the same concept as it is in Atlanta. So to give the practical visualisation students along with their faculty Prof. Sheetal Malik and Prof. Santosh shah had an industry visit to happiness factory. The group of almost 40 visitors reached the plant by 11:30am.
The grouped was welcomed in the supervision of Mr. Saurabh Singh, Marketing Manager. Before entering into the plant the whole group was divided into two and given visitors card to each one them and then marched toward the plant. It was well designed museum with a good infrastructure. As soon as students entered the plant they are asked to register themselves through a digital device placed there and were offered with some cool and refreshing soft drinks.
After the completion of the all the required formalities the history of the Coca-Cola and its brand was very well explained by the respective supervisor through the creative danglers placed on the wall of the conference room. The wall was full of danglers and information boards which contains the detail history of the Coca-Cola and its product categories and on the other wall the whole journey of Coca-Cola was visualised through a snap collage which also includes the snaps of the advertisement given by Coca-Cola from the very first day. After that group was taken into the presentation room and entertained through the beautifully designed video with a melodious back ground song showing the journey and growth of Coca-Cola globally.
Coca-Cola started its first serving with nine glasses per day in the local market of Georgia but today in 2016 the capacity extended to 1.9billions per day and consumed within 24million location around the globe. It is researched that after ‘Okay’ Coca-Cola is the second most recognized term in human language with its 3500+ products and 24billions dollar brands.
Coca-Cola has its great product extension in multiple categories such as beverages, juices, tea, coffee, water, sports drink, energy drink, etc. it is believed that if you drink a different coke product everyday so it will take over nine years to try them all once. Worldwide Coca-Cola has 24millions
retail customers and for most of them coca-cola drink are their major source of revenue. But 79% of all its beverages are enjoyed outside the US.
In past fifty four years of journey Coca-Cola witnessed consecutive increases in annual dividends and voluntary become the first company to place calories(44kcal) information on all the products manufactured except on the refundable glass bottles. And approximately 98% of it is globally consumed drinks volume are packed in refillable or recyclable stuff.
The system has 250+ bottling partners and 900+ bottling plants togetherly employing 7ooooo+ people and supports more than 7 million indirect jobs through multiple projects undertaken for the welfare of society. For its brand Mazaa, company took the initiative to train 25000 mango farmers with sustainable agriculture practices under the project and become the world’s top 10private employer.
After the short glimpse about the Coca-Cola, it was the time to witness the rolling machines and cap in the taste of happiness i.e visit to the production unit through a secret door which is exactly shaped as similar to the gate of the locker in which the secret formula of the coke is hidden in Jacob’s pharmacy. It was a nice experience to witness the production process and bottling of the different drinks. Students were shown entire operational process of its product range (Limca, Mazaa, Kinley Water, Minute Maid, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta) in cans and bottles of various sizes. The students were informed that the plant has a capacity to fill in 600 cans and 240 Mazaa and minute-maid bottles in 60 seconds.
The other part of the visit showcased the different prototype of bottles which has been shaped differently by each successive period as per the need of innovative world. Visit also highlighted the various CSR activities undertaken by Coca-Cola. In addition there were many fun based activities for the students such as X-Box games, Selfie-corners, coke studio and interesting facts about polar bear and Santa Clause and how they are related to Coca-Cola. A magic wall reflecting the actual contents of taste of happiness. And most interesting was the e-based quiz framed to examine the recall of information gathered by students during the visit and winners were awarded with the prizes.
Overall the entire visit spread over a wonderful and entertaining day which throwback the glimpse of knowledge, experience and fun.


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