World Ozone Day Celebration 16/Sep/2016

School of Biosciences, IMS (University Courses Campus) Ghaziabad celebrated the World Ozone Day on 16th September 2016, based on this year’s United Nation’s theme, “Ozone and climate: Restore by a World United”.

The event started with the discussion session in which the students were called for taking the initiative on their part, to make the people aware about the hazardous problems that may arise in near future due to Ozone layer depletion. The students along with Dr. Abha Vashistha, Chairperson, School of Biosciences actively participated in discussion and explained the means of preventing the depletion of the ozone layer. Students also speak on the theme in detail and shared tips on how to protect the most important layer in the atmosphere.

The event was followed by the poster making competition on various aspects of the ozone layer depletion and the ways to prevent it. Each group worked on the given theme for forty five minutes. The interest of the students and their involvement in a keen bid to protect the earth for the future was apparent on each contestant’s mind.


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