Teachers Day Celebration by BJMC Department

On the yearly memorable occasion of teacher’s day; IMSUC Campus BJMC Deptt. Students celebrated teacher’s day here on Monday. Students of (JMC) deptt. gave their overwhelmed performances and views to uphold the respect and integrity of Journalism and Mass Communication faculty members. Students of JMC showered their love and respect to their teacher’s by giving bouquets and greetings. The occasion was randomly planned; Communication students showed their extraordinary talent in planning and organizing the event . Teachers impart knowledge and motivate the students in the right direction, enlighten them and create responsible citizens and good human beings. They are the cornerstone of our future. Teachers Day is an occasion to pay reverence to the teachers and convey them that they hold special respect in our hearts. Journalism and Mass Communication deptt. Faculty members and H.O.D Dr Rajshree Chattterjee graced the occasion

This day is also celebrated to honor Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the great teacher, academic philosopher and India’s Second President as he was born 5 sept. in 1888. Schools and colleges have a holiday, but students and teachers gather to celebrate at institutions with special traditional food, cookies, music and presents for the teachers.



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