Workshop on ANDROID!

ANDROID!! has always been in buzz when it comes to mobile platform, with its progressive advancement android has become ubiquitous mobile OS by redefining term SMARTPHONE. It’s an undeniable fact “World is contracting with the growth of ANDROID technology” as statistics says every other day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, other digital content and innumerable activities.
In this era of android ruling mobile market, BCA department of IMS, Ghaziabad (University Course Campus) incorporation with KVCH, business partner IBM has organised a one day workshop on ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT in a motto to bring student in knowledge of android app development and designing and its release in open market.
The session begun with a question –
Why there is a need of mobile?, followed by history of mobile phone, history of mobile OS and android ,giving a knack about various mobile applications. On the second half a practical session was conducted, attendees were provided with development kit to employee on IDEs and have a hands on android mobile application development.
The contents of the workshop is crafted to suit the duration of the workshop and will surely help the participants by giving kick-start for initiating their carrier in the promising direction of android mobile application development.
The workshop was formally inaugurated by Mrs.Charu Sharma(head of department, BCA),on 27th,aug,2016.
The session was up to the snuff under the guidance of Mr.Abhishek Saxena(IBM corporate Trainer)


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