Workshop on Ethical hacking @ IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus)

HUMAN’S STUPIDITY!!!! And that’s where “hackers began to win”.

General public has conceived HACKING as an evil… but the other way around IT techies have used hacking as an ultimate tool to take down the black hackers and to safe out their “data”.

The BCA department of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) in corporation with Expert in Globe Pvt. Ltd.  introduced its student’s with an comprehensive Ethical Hacking and Networking Security workshop, which focused on the latest security threats, real-time demonstrations of the latest ethical hacking techniques, methodologies, tools, tricks and security measures by giving a knack to concepts of networking in depth . It additionally helped students to become proficient in secure programming. At the end of the program, students have hands-on understanding and experience in Ethical Hacking.

The two day (14/07/2016 and 15/07/2016) program was successfully mentored by,
-Virendra Gara (Certified Ethical Hacking, Microsoft Certified Solution’s Expert).



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