IMS Ka Role in …Exit Poll !!!

Students of IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) got an opportunity to work on a LIVE PROJECT at NIELSEN INDIA. Today’s newspapers are flooded with the election results but at the backend we are proud of our students, who have worked calculating it.
It all started with when aspiring BBA students appeared for an interview and 30 students got selected to work on a Live Project at NIELSEN INDIA, after rigorous selection rounds. In the last 15 days the students worked 24 x 7, with dedication, passion and precision, to come up with the data results for the 5 State Elections.
The project got over late night yesterday to quote the feedback that a senior official at Nielsen shared with the management- “The students exceeded the expectations and we thank IMS, Ghaziabad for sharing a dedicated, proactive young blood which has made the live project a grand success and yes IMS, Rocked”
This reinstates the quality of not only our students, but also the inputs, mentoring and education imparted at IMS, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus). We not only make the students academically sound but also instill the values of dedication, hard work and disciplined work culture.
We congratulate the students for their incredible performance and wish they would inspire others as well.



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