IMS Ghaziabad organized an Industrial Visit for the Students

School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad organized an industrial visit for the students of B.Sc. H

Biotechnology and M.Sc. Biotechnology to

 Mr. S.K Tyagi (Production Manager) coordinated this visit excellently with his

staff. Students were shown all the processes technique equipments, which are used for industrial

production of ethanol, Power alcohol, Biogas and biocompost and the basic principles for their

production, were also explained to them. Queries of the students were also patiently addressed

and resolved by the team.

Students were also shown the latest Bio-digester plant started recently by ‘The Simbhaoli Spirits

limited’ for the production of Biogas (Methane).

Program chairperson, School of Biosciences and faculty members also shared their experience

with the students during the entire visit. Students seemed quite motivated and excited after this

visit to pursue their career in distilleries.

School of Biosciences will continue to have such visits for frequent exposure of the students to

the industries related to Biotechnology.


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